Config Store

  • Layout settings app store.

User Store

  • Get user details from database
  • Login, Register, Reset password, Sign out, Multi-factor authentication

Projects Store

  • Get all projects, create and delete projects

Organizations Store

  • Get all organizations
  • Prices, Invoices, Members, Subscriptions, Roles & permissions

Table Store

This store is linked to all objects of the database. Dynamic Vuetify table with crud operations.

  • TableContent.vue: The table with dynamic types and filters
  • TableGrid.vue: The grid view with cards for each elements
  • TableExport.vue: Select and export specific data from a table
  • TableImport.vue: Import data from a CSV or Copy Paste it
  • TableForm.vue: Dynamic form build from a JSON settings
  • TableHeader.vue: The breadcrumb, path explorer
  • TableFolders.vue: Filter the rows by a specific folder. Tree explorer, folders, subfolders

Sub Stores

  • Contacts / Objects
  • Properties
  • Folders
  • Models
  • Listings
  • Templates
  • Campaigns
  • Activities
  • Logs
  • Tasks
  • Workflows
  • Forms
  • Files